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 High School Diploma

Private bilingual school group

From 2 and half years old to Baccalaureate : Cours Molière offers a dynamic bilingual secondary (middle) and high school cycle.

In secondary school (Collège), 2 options are offered :

  • A classic cycle in 4 years
  • An accelerated cycle in just 3 years
    During the 3rd year, all the pupils follow the 1st year of High School programs

In high school (Lycée), 2 options for the Baccalaureate :

  • French Baccalaureate and / or High School Diploma (American Baccalaureate).

Results : 100% success and integration in the best institutions in France and abroad (Saint-Jean de Passy, IBE, Saint-Michel de Picpus, French High Schools in New York).

Created by teachers who wanted a school closer to its students, also more demanding, Cours Molière offers an ambitious education from kindergarten to high school :

  • Kindergarten

  • Cours Molière accommodates studentsfrom preschool to kindergarten, offering them a bilingual French-English teaching, for a reduced number of students (20 students maximum). When desired, all-day Wednesdays from 9 am to 6 pm with workshops in the afternoon

  • Primary or Elementary School

  • Cours Molière offers bilingual elementary teaching (French - English) in small group classes. The traditional teaching methods of the school allow students to thrive and continue their education in the best institutions, in France and abroad. When desired, all-day Wednesdays from 9 am to 6 pm with workshops in the afternoon.

  • Middle School or secondary School

  • Since the early twentieth century, the private college in Paris, Cours Molière, accommodates students from the 6ème to the 3ème (French levels) in small group classes with international option. Classical teaching methods offer to the students the best preparation to successfully complete the French Brevet des Collèges.

  • High School - Series S and ES

  • Specialized in the French S and ES series, Cours Molière provides high-level teaching at its private high school in Paris, into a strict and ambitious setting for the final education cycle. The success rate of the Baccalaureate over the last years is 95% on average (all series combined, for students present since the Seconde).

  • Preparatory Classes for Universities

  • Cours Molière offers renowned higher education, including the opportunity to attend advanced courses, and preparation for HEC (Haute Ecole de Commerce) or IEP (Institut d’Etudes Politiques) entrance exam.

Chinese taught from preschool to hight-schoolChinese taught from Preschool to High-School

 Cours Molière is a member of the English Language School Association for international and bilingual schools in FranceCours Molière is a member of the English Language School Association for international and bilingual schools in Franc

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Results French Baccalaureate 2013: 95% IELTS: 90%Cours Molière quoted by Cours Molière quoted by l'Etudiant and L'express magazine

Now for High-School students: Now for High-School students:

The pedagogy of "Cours Molière" is ambitious: phonics, classical education and an opening up at an international level. Bilingual teaching in small groups from 2 1/2 years.

Middle School

"Cours Molière" college classes offer a classic and ambitious education in an international environment. The staff help prepare students for the Brevet and started high school in the best conditions

High School

"Cours Molière" specializes in High-School Diploma Program. The pedagogical approach in limited numbers combines classical education and encouragement. Our wish: to lead each student to the maximum of his capacity. INTERNATIONAL OPTION