Baccalaureate success

Our high school focuses on baccalaureate success

A.  Molière spirit: rigor and kindness

The spirit of our school stems from the Molière spirit: rigor and kindness.
Students are challenged to a higher academic standard and are encouraged to work more. They get the opportunity to achieve a greater level of performance. The student is even motivated to ask for more work as they feel comfortable within this environment. The educational team supports them and shares with them the satisfaction of quality work. In order to reach the best results, nothing is more important than working with rigor. These rules allow the school community of Cours Molière to evolve in a respectful environment. They are also essential to communicate the spirit of effort and pleasure in success.
The student who feels supported by their teachers and who knows that they can communicate with them in a positive and convivial work environment has more chances to succeed. This stimulating background allows our English-speaking school to organize quarterly cultural excursions: visits of museums, theaters, the Senate, National Records…

B. The methodology in our school

Learning is one thing. Being efficient is another. When the student graduates from middle school to high school, they often notice a difference not only due to the educational program, but also due to the organization of their personal work.
Aware of this difficulty, our international school has decided to offer a personalized experience to each student.
The Baccalaureate exam and superior studies require a huge individual investment. Success is not only a question of intelligence, but is mainly achieved thanks to effective knowledge.
Our school helps the student to rigorously manage the programs by teaching them how to organize themself with methodology and efficiency. School schedules integrate not only obligatory classes but also tutorial classes (TD – Travaux Dirigés). These specific classes, held every week, allow to better manage the work and the acquired knowledge of each student. They learn to write subject matter correctly in their notebooks in a well-presented and well-organized way.
They also learn to revise with their teacher, and to review their work every evening, instead of the day before the exam. These examples illustrate what students at our private high school learn in terms of methodology in order to better prepare for the baccalaureate and also for their future studies at university.

C. Continuous assessment throughout the year

In order to regularly follow the abilities of the students, continuous assessments are planned during the school year. Weekly practice assessments (DST – Devoirs sur Table) are organized for students in the 10th grade (Seconde) (3 hours per week) and in the 11th grade (Première) and the 12th grade (Terminale) (4 hours per week). These assessments take place under the same conditions as for the Baccalaureate exam.  With 30 assessments per year, as well as the weekly tests during classes, students become used to organizing their work time. They improve progressively in efficiency and they feel more self-confident, leading to better results.
In addition to the 10th grade (Seconde), 3 practice Baccalaureate exams are organized every year. They allow students to realize that regular and rigorous work leads to a successful academic education.