Presentation of bilingual high school

Presentation of our bilingual high school in Paris

A.    Classes with limited sizes

Our bilingual high school in Paris was founded in 1926 by teachers who wanted a more demanding and more ambitious school. Students in our school are selected not only on their academic results, but also on their will to succeed. Our private high school prepares students for the Series S and ES, with an international option (not obligatory).
What are the advantages of a limited sized high school? Everybody knows each other and none of the students is anonymous. Classes with a maximum of 18 to 20 students offer the ideal environment for a successful academic education. The students can benefit from permanent attention provided by the schoolteachers. and can therefore study more efficiently as they are personally accompanied throughout their studies. The students in our international school also learn to become more self motivated and more ambitious thanks to the encouragements of their teachers.

B.    Bilingual high school in Paris specialize in Series S and ES

Over the years our international school in Paris , Cours Molière, has become one of the most specialized high schools for the preparation of the Series S (scientific) and ES (economics) which offer the best opportunities today to access selective academic programs. Moreover it has been observed that students from the Series ES and S obtain the best results at university. Below are the statistics from the French Ministry of Education :

SPREADSHEET – Success rate depending on the Serie of the Baccalauréat for the students integrating a L3 in 2010-2011 (%) – in France

Baccalauréat Series Success rate (%)
Economics 80,0
Scientific 77,8
Literary 76,5

This specialisation also allows students to prepare themselves for the Concours SESAME-ACCES during the year of Terminale and during the summer holiday’s training classes for the Bac.

Success rate of the students of Cours Molière on the Baccalauréat (Series S and ES): 95% over 5 years.

C.    A teaching environment that is success oriented

Complete schedules

In order to help the future bachelor to better organise himself and work with more methodology, the schedules are planned to offer a close relationship between teachers and students. By having more opportunities to form relationships with their teachers, students are likely to reach a higher level of academic achievement.

Our bilingual private school  offers students the possibility to attend methodology classes that are planned every week, as well as mathematics tutorial classes. For those wishing to study abroad, there is also the possibility to select  an international option. Thanks to these supplementary courses compared to the national education program students can achieve better results.
Our high school classes begin at 8:30 am and ends at 5pm or 6pm, including Wednesdays. This constant and regular schedule helps the student to manage his work rhythm and to easily develop himself later during tertiary academic education.

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