Second 2.0

Prepare for the Baccalauréat from the second

Cours Molière offers a Year 11 class which is designed to prepare students for the mort prominent series : Economics and Sciences, in the French Curriculum. It is the SECOND Z.O. This class is an ambitious curriculum encompassing a bilingual program. It gives the students the opportunity to prepare for a demanding orientation.

The key points of our second class

Dynamic school support

The first year of high school in the French Curriculum is without final examinations; nevertheless, it often remains badly experienced by students because the programs are very demanding. To correct this pitfall, Cours Molière develops an original and pragmatic path. The year focuses on three main subjects to succeed in an international high school: French, Mathematics, and English.

French classes

The students follow six hours of French per week. The classes are prepared by a Year 12 professor, a specialist of the French Baccalaureate.

Mathematics and scientific disciplines

Students follow six hours per week in Mathematics. Two hours of workshops are specifically designed for students willing to follow a scientific curriculum in university. Life Sciences and Physics modules also develop the Year 12 curriculum so that students can perfect themselves a year in advance.


Students have ten hours per week in small English workshops. This steady rhythm offers each student the opportunity to achieve high and strong results.

History Geography, Economic and Social Sciences (S.E.S) and General Knowledge

These subjects are gathered in Humanities. The purpose is to build a strong intellectuel education.

This dynamic curriculum gives the students the opportunity to develop the core qualities of a successful education in high school.

The results of the students of the Cours Molière