Our History

Founded in 1926, Cours Molière is a bilingual, independent private school, recognized by the Rectorat (French public administration).

The school was created by teachers who wanted a different, more challenging kind of school where teachers are closer to their students. So far, 17,000 students have attended Cours Molière.
Our small classes (15 to 20 students per class) are comprised of students ranging from nursery students (beginning at 2 years old) to the classes of Terminales S, ES, L, and other preparatory classes for university (18 years old).

The Molière Spirit: Shaped by the past, creating the future

For one century, Cours Molière has successfully applied its classic and proven teaching methods:

  • discipline and respect
  • encouragement of good work
  • passing on important knowledge and fundamental competences
  • a monthly Honor Roll rewarding students’ effort

A Classic Approach:

  • Teaching follows the official programs and requirements of the “Education Nationale” and often goes beyond that high standard.
  • Professors are uniquely qualified and held accountable for the success of their students.
  • Numerous cultural outings to museums, theaters, universities, etc. are organized to benefit and capture the interest of students.

Cours Molière : our private bilingual classes

The private education provided by Cours Molière gives children and teenagers the opportunity to learn within privileged conditions. Our bilingual school allows the students to evolve in an international context and practice English on a daily basis. Our private school offers the opportunity to follow a complete curriculum from pre-school classes to high school classes.

Bilingual classes from pre-school to high school in a private school

Cours Molière proposes an efficient education from pre-school to high school. Cours Molière follows the official programs of the French National Education system and often goes beyond. (For non-French-speaking students: French as a Foreign Language teaching lessons are offered weekly).

  • Bilingual pre-school up to 2 and half years old: bilingual teachers and highly qualified assistants.
  • Private primary school (1st Grade, …, 5th Grade): students can take advantage of the best learning methods.
  • Bilingual private middle school (from 6th Grade to 9th Grade) with an international option: each student benefits from an individual follow-up and support.
  • Private high school (from 10th Grade to 12th Grade) – French Baccalaureate + High-School Diploma

A demanding education in Paris

Thanks to a personalized support by teachers who are fully involved, students at Cours Molière are highly motivated and can achieve particularly good results. From the pre-school and until the high school, students are offered an education based on recognition and encouragement which helps them to develop self-confidence. The success rates at the “Diplôme National du Brevet” and French Baccalaureate testify the efficiency of our school methods.

All our classes (pre-school, primary school, middle school, high school) offer optimized conditions for the scholastic fulfilment of the children :

An International School:

usa round flag

With more than 25 nationalities represented, our students are citizens of the world. They have the option to follow teaching modules in English to prepare for the TOEFL «University of Cambridge: Esol examinations » and for the exams of The University of Cambridge.   LV2 and LV3: Spanish, German, Hebrew, Italian, Russian

Chinois dés la maternelle et LV2

Chinese: Every week, available to Maternelle students and older (for those who wish to take the courses)


Partnership in North America:

Partener establisments in north America : Gordon college and Wilfrif university