The Cours Molière administration is always available for families, by appointment, to judge together the student’s academic level and background to prepare for his or her admission to the school.

Registration begins in December for the following school year.

IMPORTANT: It is possible to accept students in the middle of a school year, if there are enough spaces available.

Registration Procedure:

1. Interview between the school administration and the family.
2. Beginning with “CE2”, bring the student’s academic record and report cards from the last two years.
3. Submission of completed file accompanied by the check for the registration fee.
4. Due to a large number of applications, once a student is accepted, his or her place is reserved for up to two weeks; beyond two weeks, the availability of said place is not guaranteed.

Registration at Cours Molière requires the acceptance of the school’s interior behavioral guidelines:


Director of the establishment: Monsieur Benjamin JARRY
Academic Director: Madame Simone NEEL

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