Words of thanks from the families of Cours Molière:

Dear Sir/ Mam, Due to personal reasons Sarvesh - supposed to be in CM2 will leave Cours Molière. Iam sorry to inform you on the start of the school but certain decisions are taken towards mid & end of August 2021. Due to Covid reasons some of the decisions are taken too late. I will try to visit the school next week to explain in person. I & my family & my son really miss Cours Moliere , Mr. Jarry , Madam Neel & all the Teachers who helped my son to reach a good level of French & English. Thanks for all the support.

Selvaraj K., September 2021

Dear Monsieur Jarry With great sadness our time in Paris is coming to end, so we wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all again for your dedication to looking after and educating Rowan. It is difficult to put into words how much we care about him, so to see him so happy and treated so well has brought us great pleasure. You can see how excellently he has progressed, and he has loved his time with you. We extend a particular thanks to Rowan's teachers and support staff, including Finola, Marie and Alexandra, but also thanks to all your lovely staff in general who took the time to stop and play with Florence! You have our email and we will hopefully return in 2-3 years. Rowan's last day will be Monday October 17th, hopefully we will get a chance to say goodbye to you all in person. Best Wishes and Take Care

Colin L And Karen D, 17 October 2016

Bonsoir, I write to express our thanks for the visit to the Aktéon Theatre where the youngest pupils enjoyed a one-man show of Boucle d'Or et les Trois Ours. Margot tells me it was rigolo, exciting in the darkened salle and fun singing and sharing with the actor. I am grateful for having been invited to accompany the children myself and I can vouch for myself how fun as Margot says it was, it was indeed. This is in large part due to the excellent work and thought that your staff put into the activity. And especially on this excursion praise for Mme Marie who had assumed the role as group leader. Thank you for enhancing Margot's education by this enrichment activity. Je vous prie de passer mon message à tous les adultes qui ont assisté dans la préparation et coordination de cette activité Bien cordialement,

Mr Richard M, Novembre 2014

We are most grateful for the wonderful work that your team has done throughout this school year!” 2011, June 23rd

Mr. And Ms. E, Alexandre’s Parents, In Final Year Of High School

Please accept my highest gratitude for your dedication, help and skill to teach the high school’s program to my son, who got his 2009 ES high school diploma with mention and two great marks, 18 in French and 17 in History. 2009, August 4th

Mr. N, Pierre’s Father, In High School

My years spent in Molière in particular with Ms. Véziers, Mrs. Flanquart and Mr. Smith allowed me to get in 3rd grade at the French High School of New York and to continue my schooling in the USA in excellent conditions. Thanks to you all! And many others for almost a century!

Mrs. Rosemary H, Former Primary And Middle School Student